De día y de noche.

Life only happens during the day and through the night!

Sometimes good company is left behind. -Patagonia backpacks.

Expats in Belgium know very well what «Brussels’ life» is. Unhappily I learnt it rather soon. You have to face the sadness of farewelling wonderful friends leaving the European capital just in the best moment, as in every good party. I have to deal now with the same situation, even when I will be back regularly, aparently every month. I am writing from Norway, exactly from Neverdal… never… I hope «dal» is not the Norwegian word for sunlight. I have been here since last Monday and I know more about this village from Google Earth than from my own experience. I get up at 6:30am (just in case sombody thinks that I am here teaching how to sleep «siesta») and until 10:00 (am) you can not see aything apart from the Christmast lights on every house. At that time we use to have a break at work (don’t worry, I will explain more about this subject any of these days) which I also use to let my headlamp have a little rest too. This break, the one of my lamp, last until 13:20, when we finish lunch and keep on working in the same luminic conditions as when I got up until climate limits force us to stop or the boss bring us back home. 

As I said, I will get up tomorrow rather early so by now you have to survive with this information. Thete will be more. 

Buenas noches.

Mother nature has always the last word. This morning we woke up with a fantastic clear sky allowed us to enjoy finally some great views while almost freezing. We are building a hut over the ruins of an old concrete house made by the German army some 70 years ago. Tomorrow I will move to the north. Next week we will build a terrace on the 7th floor in the centre of Bodø, another place chosen by the German army to have an airfield on those years. But before leaving Neverdal, mother nature just offered us the difficult to catch in my phone spectacle of some green northem lights. Sleep well.

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  1. Qué haces en Noruega???? No dejas de sorprenderme… 😄
    Me encanta este blog!! Espero tus próximos relatos y más fotos espectaculares😍😘

    Me gusta

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