A few days later.

Today you have to start doing a little home work. Translate please the next sentence: despues del placido domingo viene el jodido lunes.

 Now, once you understand it, the fact of not having had news after last Saturday is not a mistery anymore. Sunday was a nice grey day. Walking by the sea in the cold morning to balance the foreing elenlments of my blood, and drive back to the north to start a new project. We will miss one sixth of the population of Neverdal who gathered around us last Saturday night at the only bar in the village, Frodos kafe og pub. We arrived atracted by the promise of life music. 23:40 and there they were, the two bartenders and the Norwegian country singer with his guitar. The party was really promising. We managed to get some refreshments and some more information about the local life. I even managed to get the cook half naked. He took away his dove jacket, his wool sweter and his thermic t-shirt when I told him, just wearing over my shoulders a very thin Bershka t-shirt that my wife found under the sofa one cleaning day… (this is another story not rwlated with this blog) that I was not cold despite of having been born much closer to Africa than him. One of the waitress showed her disagreement and everything finished well. Police arrived at 2am just to pick up one of the customers, girlfriend of one of the agents. According to the law at that time alcilohol is not sold anymore so the lonely pub got empty immediately. Probably next year there will be more oportunities to enjoy Frodos audience. I am keeping blowing my bagpipe as far as my fingers have some feeling.

Once back in Misvær, we started this Monday the installation of a wooden terrace on the fourth floor of a new building in Bodø’s centre. My identification card has the number 777, which indicates the amount of people wearing high visibility garments in the 14 floors tower. Until the floor below the terrace will reach the offices and comercial area and from there to the top the residencial area. The terrace wilbe used as kids playground. But won’t be before next year. 

I hope, on the other hand, be back with more posts before next week. Tonight there were more green clouds on the clear and starry sky. Second time in one week. I know it is going to be boring at one moment. 

Bodø 360

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