Ande yo caliente…

A new challenge for the non native Spanish speakers. Well, knowing my poor communication skills, even advanced users of «castellano» will have to read it several times to get the idea. Do you have time? Ok, so once you have done the job and found out what i am talking about, dont laugh. That’s it. No one cloud was on the blue Norwegian sky today. That means that temperature drops without compassion. I have been always supporting the enjoyment of cold weather, as long as there is a source of positive degrees at hand reach. I haven’t changed my way of thinking. But today my hands were losing any reach, or at least it wad not possible for me to confirm that I was reaching something. Don’t worry, as my best climber partner showed me after descending from the Matterhorn, there is not problem at all when everything indicates that you are experiencing frostbite fingers if you feel like killing the doctor who squeeze them. Sleep well.

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