Behind Polish back.

From all the Polish people that I know there is only one who my wife doesn’t like. Let’s forget about him and focus on the nicer ones. The two closest to me are at least as good climbers as I am. Then there is the best Polish cook I have ever talk to and then the guys that I have never talk to but they deal with the scafolding at the new building where I work. As i already told you, at least I think that I did, I am buildinf a wooden terrace on the 5th floor of a new building of atotal on 15 floors in Bodø. Yesterday, while me and my partner were trying to level the frame for the terrace, a couple of Norwegians came and remove the ground where the scafolding was leaning to replace it with two pieces of wood. Polish guys were not there and as soon as I hear some metal noise I will neither be standing there.

Sleep well.

On the left side the holding wood. On the right the levitating scafolding anchor.
Norwegian wood fish.
I am paid for playing with this.
Everyday soundtrack.

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