Keep your headlamp on.

My torch has been by now one of my best friends in this artic adventure though wearing it gives the oportunity to any Spanish speaker to say that I «don’t have two fingers forehead». One more task for the ones who likes to go to bed knowing something new every day. Still the size matters and in this case is related proportionally with the inteligence level. But soetimes it goes in the opposite direction. The youngest daughter of a very good Icelandic friend of mine explained e recently about the existance of Grylla’s thirdteen sons, the Yulelads. They come one by one every day before 24th Decembre performing their nasty and mean skills. My favourite arrived today. Þvörusleikir will be focused until midnight on licking each and every sungle spoon. Be carefull, there are more to come. In Bodø today there were no clouds but sun didn’t dare neither to show up. Sleep well.

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