No por mucho madrugar amanece más temprano.

All the Estonian teachers who read this blog were very happy with the last «kodu töö» that I requested from you and they asked me to get more. The title of this post (as a kind of clue) underlines the useless work of trying to beat the nature. Yesterday… all my troubles… sorry, you know that I am not capable of manage to stay focused in one single subject drifting my ideas away atracted by any song which might fit with the sentence that I am writing on that moment. So… yesterday the sky was permanently in a balance between violet and orange, also known as «barbecue color». It was the same color of the fire coming out of the turbines of the F 16 which everyday take off from Bodø’s airfield. Today was and special ocasion. We counted until 17 of these fighting devises taking off in less than 5 minutes. According to the Spanis army, the flying cost of one of these metal birds is 15.000€/hour. These Norwegians jets werehanging around in nice formation for about 180 minutes. Today is calculations day. Can you imagine the amount of «jamones ibericos» that could be bought with that money? I prefer not to think about it and, switch off the light and close my eyes. Sleep well.

Foto: Odd Arne Sandøy

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