Simon and Saltstraumen

There are people in this world with much more experienced than me. But still after thirty years of selling my time for money, not for nothing, it is difficult to accept that air moving at almost 100 km/h forced me to stay away from work. This free day offered by the Norwegian nature allowed me to take a picture of the bridge over troubled water with better light conditions than usually. 400 millions cubic meters of water are pushed every 6 hours from the open sea to the Svetfjorden which entitle it as the world strongest tidal race, reaching 40 km/h. Thanks to this phenomenon (absolutely «fenomenal») those waters are full of food, at least that is the official version. Until today i have only had the option of getting some local fish from the numerous supermarkets of Bodø. I bought today some bacalao… I am affraid that it is not local: was still wearing sun glasses… that was the sound of silence. Sleep well.

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