Sitting bull.

Probably this picture should have been included in the previous post. Is the 3km tunnel under one of those 2 mountains connected by the wires. Actually it is a very singular devise, an horizontal radio station. In order to cover long distances high masts or even towers are used. There is one in the west Icelandic cost, behind the Snæfels Vulcan, the one that according to Jules Verne was the entry to the trip to the centre of the Earth, which could reach the American shore with its 400 m high antenna. The wires between the 2 mountains are almost 2km long and they are used to communicate with submarines through very low frequency, this is wavelengths of 10 to 100 km. My eyes power vision is a bit less spectacular. Nevertheless from today my carpenters colleagues will nickname me «Eagle Eye». Cherry is not the favourite fruit of the animals that I spotted today for the first time in my life. A couple of otters were wandering over the frozen sea, two black spots in a great white surface. That was immediately before the Norwegian weather surprised me again. Odin must be trying to show how powerful he is. Sometimes I feel like the three pigs holding fast while the wolf blows away all the houses they built. Our is still standing. Sleep well.

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