The eye of the tiger.

1982. Gyms all around the world changed after that year. The most famous US Governor, Arnold, was by then 3 times winner of the Mr Universe title and 7 of Mr Olimpia. His main role in the film «Conan, The Barbarian» fill up the wallets of many gyms owners. My contribution was no so spectacular but it deserves to be mention in this post as I know the author. During my culturism training period everybody had in mind the mussels of the smiley Austrian but that was not the change I am refering to. There is not workout without suitable soundtrack. Yes, thank to the guys who composed the songs for, at that time and before «The Expendables» franchise debut, his direct competitor new film everybody knows what is behind the eye of the tiger. I almost could even touch it yesterday when I went to buy some after sun cream. Sleep well.

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