When the mountain doesn’t come…

Then I have to go to the mountain to have some sunbathing. One week later my slopes flatter devices, also known as crampons, were bringing me back to the same mountain. In this occasion the track was already set. The ascending time was much shorter. And the reward was the sunlight making softer the snow covering the upper part of the Spilderhesten. Locals say that it looks like a horse, that’s the meaning of the name in Norwegian. Reaching the top was a simple but demanding walk. Last record in the log was from the old teacher of Neverdal school who tries to go up there every day. Actually his name is almost the only one in the book. But since 22nd December he hasn’t been there. On the way down one of the locals was following my track with a snowboard on his back. He told me about the German Prison Camp in the town. I cannot find any information about it on internet but the electrician working in our project told us that there is nobody taking care of the radio station on the mountain, so next sunday we will wear our protective painter suit snow camouflage and will try to have a closer view of the famous wires. Talking about work, I have the feeling that I have done something right as I got the upgrade of working inside the house almost for 2 weeks already, where I have to suffer equatorial temperatures of up to 9°C, 20 more than my colleague enjoys outside while dealing with the terrace. Daylight time is getting longer and longer. The ice layer in the fjord is also getting thicker and whiter. At this time my mind is like that ice. Sleep well.

After 5 hours on the snow without wearing sunglasses.
West view from our apartment.

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