The shinning.

Isolated in a huge luxury hotel on the mountains during the white winter, the caretaker, a blocked writer, tries to overcome his lack of inspiration. He is not a blogger. Jack could be whatever but not that. He is the one who open the toilet door with an axe just to show his grimy smile. Something like this:

Investing several days in onlt building up walls in a 15m long wooden house can have the same effect. It can also produce this:

I have screwed about 1500 screws in the last days. To prove it I have signed each and everyone of them behind the walls. All this effort has been paid with a couple of weeks in the far east. I wont make it more complicated: I will go to Vietnam this Monday. There will be no snow. Only ice cubes in the rum cola. In order to get use to it we were this morning trying not to blink while looking at the sunlight reflected on this rocky slopes. The swimming test was not accomplished by lack of time… and towels. Sleep well.

Storvik ridge.
Storvik beach.

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