It was the first time for all of us. We drove into the city center, found parking place and walked to the well known Scottish like name «fats» food company. We swallowed our happy meal and walked back to the car by a different street leaving the town before the French fries reached the stomach. Somebody exclaimed: «well, we already know Almeria!». I couldn’t keep my mouth close. We had a very constructive discussion about geographical knowledge and knowledge limits.

More than 20 years later, after spending almost two weeks in what once was called Indochine, I have still the feeling that instead of learning we are forgetting. Maybe it is a wrong assumption to think that the main reason for travelling without lucrative meanings is the discovery of the different environment, cultural or geographical. Nevertheless we, the «democratic majority of the civilized world», enjoy our trips from the protective magnetic field of considering local population as the real foreigners. The self assumed well educated members of this majority won’t get involved in the quest as their goal is to come back to their ideal right world. Different is still a word rooted very far away from the forest of the good words. Therefore, it is almost mission impossible to open the eyes of those who don’t dare to suffer a bit of backpack pain and stay on their sofas enjoying the alienated vision of some politicians who tell them how good they are compared to any other, mostly the ones they don’t know.

Travelling should be a compulsory subject at the schools. It is not. So take the step and go. Do you know the mountains in the center of Iberic peninsula? It is easoer to digest than Mekong gastronomy.

Sleep well… and travel.

Hue Singha drinkers.
Hanoi hairdresser.
Ho Chi Minh resting shed.
Mekong river.
Half religion, half …
Laos giant huntsman spider.

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