Show must go on.

Tonight I feel the need of begging your pardon. The three basic requirements of any conversation are in a serious danger on the hands of this humble writer. Assuming that at least one person is reading my blog (I know there are more than one), is in the other two conditions where I find the disaster. Probably you are interested in the information that I am sharing and more than 50% is relevant… but my anonimous critics are constantly pointing out that most of my readers don’t understand me, not even thinking about the gramatical mistakes of my proper and shinny English nor to mention the regiment of typos. I am really sorry. Using an smart phone, for sure more than me, is not good for this purpose and not at all any excuse when I am now comfortably seated at the table in front of my new laptop. No, there is no excuse… and neither time to be a proffesional blogger. My new website is almost ready to be publish. Well, almost according to the Spanish understanding. Actually it would be great that somebody would help me with a fantastic tool called WordPress which in theory is the best way to create your own space in the web when you know how it works. I don’t. Maybe that’s why I have been more productive with the wood. We are leaving tomorrow to another project. The house in Oterstranda is almost done as you can see. Sleep well.

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