Let’s be serious. Everybody knows what time is. Do you agree? Ok. Can you define it? In a proper and scientific way? It is a tricky concept. Happily we don’t think about it constantly. In any case, some very clever minds shared with me yesterday some new facts. There is nothing faster than the speed of light. And this pretentious rule works in the way that whenever the principle of the rule is in danger, meaning that somebody or something is getting closer to that speed, time get slowlier so the principle keeps its privilege. In fact, in Geneva, in the Large Hadron Collider, they managed to give the step ahead from theory to accelerate some particles at enough speed in order to confirm the change in time speed.

Working in Plurdalen causes a similar effect on my time speed, as my days lack of some hours which I used before to write on this blog, to contact friends and relatives, to have siestas before dinner and to do some other very important activities. This place is 18 km west from Mo i Rana. It is about 600 m over the sea level. No big mountains but very ondulated landscape. No granit rocks but limestone. The house were we spent the nights is almost covered with snow. The Northern Lights are amazing. The sounds of nature totally quiet. Five years ago, two divers died in the 3,5 km of the Plura cave where the water of the river hids. The rescue team was not able to bring them out. The bodies were at 135m deep, and the Norwegian authorities were not ready to risk any more lives, closing the access to anybody. The colleagues of the dead divers organised themselves to do what the proffesionals were not able to do. And they managed in rather efficient way. Still the feeling in the valley is spookily peaceful. I have started to walk in the mornings in order to get some fitness done. We normally, after breakfast, get on the snowmobile and drive down the hill the 2,5 km until the parking place. There we take the van, which is not able to drive until here, and do the rest until Mo i Rana. Now I wake up half an hour earlier and manage to walk for one hour until the rest of the team pick me up on the white slipery road. And still the silence is deep. I don’t think about it everyday. Nature is filling up all the receptors, avoiding falling in negative thoughts. Time goes slowlier. I wonder how is it so easy to reach the speed of light.

Sleep well, and enjoy your life, if possible with somebody else by your side.

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