I did it. Diner today was the cod that the rich waters of Salstraumen put on my hands. Before two ather brave fishes tried to come with me but they were very small (pezqueñines no gracias… this is a very difficult one and the prize for the winner will be also hard). Probably was the luck of the one who tries something for the first time or that the sea here is full of this tasty swimmers. I am not so good, no need to convince anybody. Walking, hiking, there I can challenge any of you. After filling the stomach, profiting from the fact that my headlamp is resting until next winter in some warm cupboard because sun here just sets down for a couple of hours during this part of the year, I went to see how the mountains look like when the snow is gone. No need to flat them anymore. No crampons this time. Just two Patagonia excellent garments and short trousers full of chocolate pockets. Pictures will never reflect reality. They only can pull you to walk with me. From august in Spain. Check

Diner for three.
Sun trying to avoid to go to bed.
My bed, white house down left.

Good night, sleep well, and good morning.

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