Sauna for «tontos».

Don’t look for this book in any shop. Sauna for dummies should be compulsory reading for anybody outside Estonia who dares to give the step in order to enjoy the pleasure of this hot as hell divinity devise of the nordic countries. Including myself. I plan to create my own one in the south of the northern Iberian peninsula, including some local adaptations as no walls, only oven and chimney. You are all invited. But first I have to finish the one is growing up in the south shore of Beiar fjord. Nine days have been gone already since we started drilling the baserock to set the four pillars which holds it to the ground. And after these days the weather gave us a late weekend of rest. As usually, wind and rain in this part of the glove are not small things. That’s why I can let you know how is everything going after this extraordinary experience which is not to help building my first sauna but to be in 2019 out of the reach of any internet access. Let me start by the second step, leaving the begining for another occasion. So… then we arrived to a parking lot close to the west end of the fjord where we had to leave the van, as the road heading to the house was blocked years ago by some falling rocks. From there, the only way we have to reach our working place, apart from swiming, is a plastic tinny red row boat with an engine a bit more powerful than my bicycle gear. It takes us about 20 minutes to step out of the red beast on the rocky pier under the surveillance of the house and the half-done by now sauna. Several houses can be spoted from there, mostly on the other side of the fjord, and even an electrical post is in the middle of the best view from the terrace, but… no tv, no phone cable, no internet access. We were told, by the owners, that they were enjoying a brand new 4g connection. Yes, it is true, I don’t have any reason to doubt it. Our phones don’t get it. I could even in this moment blame on Estonian phone companies… but then I would walk a different pathway. So, when you are told that your phone should enjoy the wonderful 4g conection you invest at least half an hour trying to get that magic product. Then, facing the sun, iluminating the sea between the snow and the green trees, and the fact that your phone won’t get it, the peace invades your mind. Only until the moment that the question is sent out. Would there be a problem with the water? One of the owners, who hasn’t read yet the book, is worried about the water on the floor of the sauna. For those of you who neither were happy enough, and silent, to be born in Estonia nor have the chance to read the missing mentioned book, it is necesary to explain that one of the important parts of this kind of constructions is the need of a suply of fresh air in order to, first, let the fire burn properly and, second, ensure a not hermetically sealed room. Usually, for this purpose, there is a gap under the door, or, profiting from the circunstances as of our case, the whole structure at least 50cm over the ground, the main source of air is the floor itself, made of two layers of beams, these last ones separated with a gap of around 2mm. So, once we are all now sharing the same knowledge about sauna floors, we have to strugle to keep our peace of mind when the next sugestion is to rise a little wall of 14cm under the door in order to avoid those possible «water problems». I am not Estonian so I am not a sauna proffesional yet. Nevertheless, I cannot find what is the issue with the water. Maybe they know something that they don’t want to share with us about the place. One evening we were enjoying our sacred grilled diner and sudenly the sound system started to play Norwegian music as if there was not a next day. Sorry, this is an expression I like very much but maybe in this complicated language doesn’t work so well. As irrational as that was the fact that I went by my own to fish under the heavy storm and in 4 minutes I got a cod that is still waiting for us in the fridge for tomorrow’s diner. When the music starts again without permission, it will have been the last time that I fish alone.

Sleep well.

Road under cover.
Read beast.
The begining.
General view.
Best view from…
Red beast parked in front of the house and the sauna.
My only friend…
Water problems?

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