Don’t throw stones on your own roof.

You shouldn’t be reading this. A very well known producer of washing powder used the advise of a washing machine repairing technician to convince the possible customers of the marvellous effects for their wallets of avoiding asking for his services by using that calcare free powder which at the same time would produce the opposite effect in the technician wallet. So, as you keep on reading, forget about the washing machines and, now that we are talking about advertisement, consider seriously to come to walk with me from Avila, the highest province capital in Spain, to the summits of the Gredos range where you could feel the same I was feeling for the last two weeks in that Norgewian corner without internet connection. That’s why I started encouraging you not to read this post. Forgeting about the self obligation of being connected is more addictive than the pleasure of using smart phones or laptops. But in the case you would have followed my advise you wouldn’t have known about it. Complicated choices.

Sauna is done. Well, not exactly. As climbing the mountains, the work is not done until you are back down, in this case until you have tryied. Agenda forced didn’t allow us to finish it properly, but this summit is already conquered. Now an unseen sunny Bodo is rewarding us with fantastic light while pushing the last project by now in Norway, another wooden terrace with fantastic views over the still snowed mountains. Next Wednesday we will be back in Estonia, in time for the midsummer party, which will be the begining of the end. 1st August we will move to Madrid and there I will dive and focus on my hiking business, by definition a source of income but mostly a personal passion. Webmastering is not my cup of cold tea, or maybe it is a very frozen one, but once my boots will land on Gredos there will be no stop.

Ready for the last layer.
Waiting for the smoke.
Prawn fisher ship in action.
Meditation point.

Sleep well. Sun is rising… here.

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