Even us.

The job in Norway is finished by now for me. In one and a half weeks we managed to transform an empty space, with a fantastic view over the mountains where I was playing last Sunday, into four attached terraced boxes ideal to seat and admire the 81 pieces of white painted wood which screwed 243 times form the fence of each of the four boxes. During my Norwegian proffesional adventure I have discovered that the architects in this corner of the world cannot explain their designs. One of them even confessed to me in that sense. Honestly, fine for me… as far as I don’t order them any project. But, let’s go now with the game of the day: when I mentioned Norwegian architects, were you thinking about men, women or are you so gender balanced that they were just people in your mind? The idea behind this question came to me after checking my last post. There I was mentioning people who’s example I’m following, who I respect or feel grateful. All of them men. Probably I did the same as the author of a recently published list of the best 100 guitarists of the history. No one single woman appeared among the very well known and skilful bench of men. Isabelle Dorsimond, Muriel Sarkany, Josune Bereciartu, Mathilde Brumagne, Maja Vidmar, Svetlana Tuzhilina, Angela Eiter, Irati Anda, Helena Aleman, Maria Bakke Orvik or Marta Tkaczuk, all climbers to whom apply what I wrote about those three men. My admiration and my apologies. Girl power! So… what do you think about the architects? I absolutely regret this worldly spread male superiority reflected, and disguised as vip treatment, in the emergency situation sentence «women and kids first». From now on my motto, sligtly variation of an Laosian adventure female agent’s try to convince me of the easiness of their climbing routes, will be as follows: «EVEN MEN CAN DO IT». Sleep well. We can.

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