¿Me echabais de menos?

Here I am again with my challenging communication skills. Already for one month and a half I have been waking up in my new residence, facing the fence of the former «Hospital del Aire» in the west side of Madrid. August has been not so quiet as being in Estonia but the begining of September let you know how this town moves the other eleven months. After almost 20 years living abroad I am facing now the fact that once I enter a bakery I don’t have to buy pastry for anybody as I will not take any plane soon, I hope so. This feeling of being in Spain just for the weekend or some holidays is still with me. It is as weird as the fact of listening to people speaking something that does not resemble at all to Estonian or Norwegian. That doesn’t mean that it is easier to understand. People from south Extremadura are in my opinion the hardest… talking wise. My trousers are also feeling something different, some kind of lack of material at the level of the hips, even when the problem is more obvious in the front part. Sport is more than needed right now. Maybe less than closing my mouth for a while. But I challenge you to do so having at hand reach such a wonderful sources of energy that this piece of land delivers. Looking for an excuse to control my weight I will focus on my own bread production… which is only 900g per day. Even man can do it.

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