Augusto González Martín

30 years of «enjoying» the restless leg syndrome has led me to walk many kilometres. As a proper fidget-arse, after working in the public sector for almost a quarter of a century in Spain and in Belgium I moved to Austria, worked in France, moved to work in Estonia and in Norway, and now I am back in Madrid. Despite of all this travelling at least once every year I have gone back to my roots in Gredos to rest actively. My holidays always implied physical activity, which by definition heals your mind. I have simply enjoyed it most of my live not being fully aware of the connection. Some years ago I got the request from some friends wanting to follow my steps to arrange a route under two conditions: it should be about 200 km in total and demanding enough to arrive to the lodging being eager for a good dinner and to deserve a proper resting time. This is the result. Hope you enjoy it like them did.

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