The whole route is designed in a way that even amateurs can achieve it. Last stage is really demanding but fulfilling the previous ones as training and acclimatisation will ensure you a great reward. You only have 7 days? Skip the first stage. Only one weekend available? Then go for 2 of them. Best recomended: Navarredondilla – Hoyocasero – Serranillos.

1: Avila – Muñogalindo

Easy. 10% pavement. 70% track. 20% pathway. Very low remoteness. Switching at any moment.

Affordable and pleasant start over the eroded hills of the north flank of the Ambles Valley covered in part by holm oaks and cattle. Great view over the stone walled town of Avila and over the whole range of the Sierra de Gredos. Several small villages on the way, good for some drinks or food.

Medium. 15% pavement. 60% track. 25% pathway. High remoteness. Switching before km 12.

Easy start, to warm up, over the flat cultivated fields of the Ambles Valley. Solosancho is the last option to get some food and drinks before negotiating the slopes of the Sierra de la Paramera. From the top all the way goes down to a very well deserved resting place in Navarredondilla.

3: Navarredondilla – Hoyocasero

Medium. 1% pavement. 70% track. 29% pathway. Medium remoteness. Switching at any moment.

Easy start by a wide track gaining some altitude between two valleys. Deep down on the left one lays Navarredonda, where to recharge the batteries. After filling up the belly there is a steep and dusty highway leading to La Lastra, bush and pasture moorland from where go down straight to Hoyocasero.

4: Hoyocasero – Serranillos

Easy. 1% pavement. 65% track. 34% pathway. Low remoteness. Switching at any moment.

Up-and-down crossing the Pinar de Hoyocasero heading to the Alberche riverbanks. After passing by Navalosa, where to eat and drink, the route takes the left side of the tree covered Fernandina gorge towards Serranillos passing by Navarrevisca.

5: Serranillos – Cuevas del Valle

Difficult. 50% track. 50% pathway. Very high remoteness. Switching only last 5 km.

Demanding and steep begining through some bushes tunnels gives way to a very good track with some loose stones on the upper part. From the Boqueron saddle there is one steepy path among the bushes until the presummit. Reaching El Torozo (2000m) from there is not a problem. The way down to Cuevas is simply a long one. There is water at the Pico pass. The restaurant is not always open. The last 5km run over a vertiginous stony Roman highway.

Difficult. 1% pavement. 50% track. 49% pathway. Very high remoteness. Switching until km 10.

Second day in a row in full remoteness. The starting ramps, well covered by pine trees, are the more difficult ones. Then the track is very comfortable to the El Arenal pass. The way down softly reaches the source of the Tormes river just before a little forestry elevation before Navarredonda.

Easy. 10% pavement. 70% track. 20% pathway. Low remoteness. Switching at any moment.

Before the last difficult stage, time to enjoy actively the company of the Tormes river among pine trees, cattle and horses. There are several bath areas. Also a camping and some villages close to the route where to get some food and drinks.

8: Navalperal de Tormes – Gredos Platform

Difficult. 5% track. 95% pathway. Very high remoteness. Switching not available.

Magnificent tour by the most relevant elements of the glacial-sculpted landscape of the Sierra de Gredos. It starts by walking up the valley till the 5 Lagunas from Navalperal. There it faces the steepest ascent of the whole route reaching on top the Portilla del Rey. Walk down towards the Laguna grande, in the middle of the glacial circus, by the mountain refuge, and gain again some altitude until the Fuente de los Cazadores. There is the final descent to the Platform.

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