«The road is made by walking» Antonio Machado.

You, as the poet said, you make the road.

Just walk, breath, relax, discover and enjoy. Matkamine set the ideal location for it all, in proximity to the metropolitan area of Madrid, with a very low population density and far from organised tourism, still wild and clean from light pollution.

Matkamine provides you:

Maps and additional info; lodging and breakfast; backpack transport; permanent telephone assistance; supporting vehicle; transfer to the starting point at the end of the last stage.

Strong enough to run it? Feel free. Between breakfast and sleeping time the route is yours.

Ideal for up to 6 people groups, either searching for peaceful retreat or motivated by the athletic challenge. From sports amateurs to lazy Sunday runners, from stablished teams to individual beginners, relatives and friends and co-workers, we are all on the road. The whole hiking experience is designed as a simple physical training, so completing every stage at a comfortable pace will allow you to enjoy the hardness of the last one, the most demanding.

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