Let's find the best option for you.

The complete hillwalking experience consists of 8 stages of about 25 km average, of which the last one is specially long and difficult. The whole route has been designed as a training programme in order to fully enjoy that last stage. By simply walking all of them, there is no need to have any extra preparation.

In order to enhance the enjoyment of the experience it is recomended to spend the first night in Avila and one more in Hoyocasero at the end of the 8th stage. Transfer to the starting point is included. Transfer from Madrid airport to the origin and back to the airport is available but optional.

If you do not have more than 9 days it is possible to skip the first stage, with the option to spend the first night in Muñogalindo and the last one in Hoyocasero.

A reduced 2-stages hillwalking option is also available, ideal for weekends.

For any of the available options, the maximum capacity is a group of 6 people. Larger groups should be divided up and start on consecutive days.


Most of the lodgings are rural houses, which do not offer any option besides renting the whole house. This gives an advantage to the groups of 6. Please do however keep in mind that the rooms are unevenly equipped, meaning that some are double and some twin rooms, therefore take this into account when making arrangements.

We offer a variety of fares depending on the flexibility of the party. Please let us know your preferences, considering these prices as a reference for a group of 6 people:

7 stages, 6 nights: 360€ per person.

7 stages, 8 nights: 475€ per person.

8 stages, 9 nights: 550€ per person.

2 stages, 2 nights: 110€ per person.

50% is payable when booking and is not refundable. The remaining 50% is payable on the day of arrival at the latest.

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